How It Works

Fleet Management

Daily Walk-around checks

  • The app records the time it takes to complete each check as well as the checks location
  • No signal? No problem, each check is saved onto the device and uploaded when signal is found
  • Reports are available on a desktop computer to view for office/maintenance staff
  • Take pictures to help improve the robustness of the daily check procedure
  • Immediately sends report via email if the vehicle fails
  • Available on IOS and Android
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Fleet Management

Training Matrix

  • Keep track of essential staff documents (drivers licence, CPC, training, qualifications, disciplinary history, medical history)
  • Email notifications when documents are close to expiry sent to the relevant people, limiting staff down time
  • Auditable trail of communications with your staff, tool box talks can be digitally signed against to prove staff have seen and read them
Fleet Management

Fleet Management

  • Store essential vehicle documents like MOT and Tax with email notifications
  • Diagnostic tools showing which daily checks have been done and which have not
  • Yearly planner for maintenance work along with email notifications when any maintenance or work is due
  • Forward plans further than 6 months in advance which is best practice identified by the DVSA
Fleet Management

Document Management

  • Store essential documents like Quality, Health & Safety or Environmental policies
  • Runs email checks when documents are either close to expiry or need reviewing
  • Allows review process to enable a smooth and transparent auditing process


Training Matrix


Fleet Management and Walk-Around Check App


Document Management


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The key to good business is efficiency. We believe that to enable efficiency two things are paramount - transparency and simplicity. We have taken these and adopted them into our philosophy therefore everything we do is to enable transparency between supplier, customer and governing bodies. All the solutions we offer are built with simplicity in mind. The end product is a complete and comprehensive management system.